It’s hard keeping it all together, I’ll be the first to admit. Fortunately, I’ve put together a small team who generously adds their inputs and expertise to make my blog posts possible. With much gratitude and admiration, I appreciate the following contributors for their creative talents in sharing my vision of wellness.

Colette Gabriel

Colette Gabriel

Colette is no stranger to what goes on behind the camera. After graduating Columbia College Chicago, she spent time in Los Angeles working as part of the International Cinematographers Guild on productions like Fast and the Furious and Desperate Housewives. Colette has since returned to Chicago and currently ranks as the Operations Manager at Kelsow Camera, Inc., a camera company whose biggest Windy City client is Chicago Fire. Colette lends us her love of the lens as a contributing photographer to the running column, Our Monthly Yoga Project.

 Jolie Greenstone

Jolie GreenstoneJolie learned the art of photography at Columbia College Chicago, graduating in 2014. With a fresh perspective, she aspires to commercially photograph food for editorial and advertising purposes.  Jolie’s internship experience boasts names like HGTV Magazine, Nathan Johnson Photography, and Metro Fulfillment House.  Post graduation, Jolie’s interests range from assisting in-studio to working on magazine editorials.  She’s currently open for collaboration and employment. Check out Jolie’s work. Jolie’s photos, Mediterranean Grapefruit and Getting Green Juice, highlight the simplicity of healthy ingredients. Thank you, Jolie, for contributing your talent.