Mediterranean Grapefruit Juice

Mediterranean Grapefruit Juice



Fresh grapefruit juice meets a Mediterranean twist

Photo by: Jolie Greenstone

Starting the day with a great big glass of gorgeous grapefruit juice sure has health benefits. Rumored to fight and prevent big time body concerns like weight loss, arthritis, cancer, and cholesterol, drinking freshly squeezed grapefruit juice can be a key player in maintaining healthy digestion. Need I go on? Get your grapefruits and meet me in the kitchen!

Well, wait a minute. Hold up. If you are taking medication, pay close attention to this next bit of information. Be careful not to go overboard of grapefruit juice though if you are taking prescription medicines. Both the New York Times and the Federal Drug Administration warn of the adverse reaction grapefruit juice can have when consumed while taking prescription drugs.

On we go.

You will need a juicer that has dual function- an extractor and a citrus juicer for this Mediterranean medley. I press fresh celery stalks and fennel bulbs and frawns into the sunny citrus. Not familiar with fennel? Abundant throughout Mediterranean lands like Italy and Greece, fennel’s fragrant frawns and bulbs have been celebrated in cuisine and culture, having a vibrant, crisp anise flavor.  Throughout Mediterranean history, it was believed that fennel held powerful healing agents and was often used for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

For our purpose, the flavor of fresh pressed fennel compliments celery and grapefruit while its nutrients strengthen our bodies. Any moms out there nursing? Fennel can aid in milk production. Anybody battling tummy troubles like IBS or indigestion? Try incorporating fresh fennel into a spring salad.


Mediterranean Grapefruit Juice

Makes 5 cups of juice

3 Large Ruby Red Grapefruit

1 Fennel Bulb and all its Frawns

1 Head of Celery

I juice each ingredient separately, running a 1/4 cup of cold, filtered water through my machine after each pressing. The small amount of water extracts more nutrients from the pulp, while stretching the consistency of the juice without disrupting the flavor.

Invite your friends. Create a juice bar, keeping the juice from each  individual ingredient separate. Let your comrades mix their perfect blend. They might be surprised by the delicate flavor of the white fennel juice or how well the sweet celery compliments sunny grapefruit. 

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