Up Early to Sew- A Poem of Holiday Gifting

Up Early to SewFalling snow, up early to sew.
Stretch, then sew. Then shovel the snow.
Homemade gifts keep me out of lines. Less of those, less two-year old whines.
Hot coffee kept over by my desk. A difficult pattern putting my skills to the test.
Light gray Chevron print, a delicate trend, goes well with pink, as I start to mend.
Rice and zippers and chalk and thread, up early to sew, up out of bed.
It’s nice, it’s quiet, it’s calming, it’s smooth.It’s frustrating, it’s tiring, I can’t get my groove.
Cooperate with me, you silly machine, cooperate with me, please don’t be mean.
Up early to sew, up early, sunshine. A few days till Christmas, my gifts coming along, fine.



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