Our Monthly Yoga Project: Poses for Digestion

Our Monthly Yoga Project explores the benefits of yoga for the body and mind, while giving me an outlet to share the growth and awesomeness of my personal practice. While I am not a doctor or a yoga instructor, I hope to share the knowledge of others who are, in supporting the evidence that yoga creates wellness. I encourage you to share your yoga journey, write in with questions, and practice daily as a way to celebrate the vitality of yoga.

Overeating seems to be synonymous with the holiday season. And that is totally fine. I’m not saying its not, and I’m not saying I don’t do it. Because, I pig out. Its the time of the year that I treat myself a little more so than not. So, what?

Last year, I ate so much at Thanksgiving dinner, that my even my “eating pants” felt like they were going to split at the seam. I’m sure you have a pair, don’t pretend that you don’t. Feeling full and uncomfortable, after big holiday feasts, its no wonder I put on a few extra pounds by the new year.

I don’t like the feeling of being overly stuffed and don’t want to feel the holiday bloat this time around. Actually, I know that it won’t. Because in the last few months, while deepening my yoga practice, I have also strengthened my digestive system. So, if you are ready to give back to your body, to power up your internal supports, to spark your body’s energy, and literally, prepare for indulgence, read on for the premier of Our Monthly Yoga Project.

Our Monthly Yoga Project begins with a look at how to improve the digestive process by practicing yoga.

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When I met with Lauren, my lovely long-time friend and super amazing yoga instructor, to shoot photos for this month, we agreed a twist-heavy repertoire of poses would be best suited to promote yoga as an aid in digestion. When the body twists deep from within the pelvic center, internal organs are squeezed and released. The kidneys, intestines, and liver receive fresh oxygen and blood, while stagnant toxic materials move on out.

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Don’t believe me? That’s fine, I know I’m not a doctor. But check out what Jeff Migdow, MD has to say about yoga in his column, Ask the Doctor: Yoga and the Digestive System. Twisting massages the internal organs that break down our food, absorb nutrients into our bodies, and secrete toxic materials from our systems.

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What other yoga poses besides twists aid in digestion? I asked around after my Tuesday morning Vinyasa class.  “All poses in yoga aid in digestion,” as suggested by Cipriano Romero, the director of Yoga Reflections Studio. “Practicing backbends, like Bridge or Cobra, creates space, opening up the possibility for energy to flow in the body where digestion takes place,” Romero explained to me. He suggested practicing yoga on an empty stomach so that food will not block or absorb the flow of energy.

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Want to know how Our Monthly Yoga Project all started? Take a peak…

And now for my legal disclaimer: If you catch something cool from my view, like adapting to a healthier diet or adding fitness goals to your lifestyle, please be safe and consult with a professional first. Please keep in mind I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, certified counselor, licensed practitioner, or insured therapist. I only practice and encourage yoga, I don’t teach it. At least, not yet. I am mostly an activist, and totally a mom.


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  1. I LOVE twists! They’re also great to relieve stress & tension. I always feel so much looser after a few good yoga twists. Great post!

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