Weekend Watercolors

A couple weekends ago, Adam was all set to spend the weekend with our toddler girl so I could produce a yoga photo shoot for the site- aka spend an amazing, inspiring, in the top ten of 2013, beautiful day with two of my closest girlfriends. A fair trade? I think so. The whole weekend belonged to Daddy and Daughter, a full Saturday and Sunday without Mom around.

Around 11:34am, late Sunday morning, I received a photo text of our girl. Her skin was covered in watercolors with self-drawn “tattoos” and she had a grin from ear to ear. Adam said they’d been painting all morning, something Claire has loved to do since her first dabble finger-painting at just two months. I am far from a visual artist, so I love that our daughter has a daddy who does art with her for hours.

Here are a few of their collaborations:


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