Want to do a Yoga Column?

My gal pal of 10 years, and also an incredible yoga instructor, Lauren Vandermar, and I were chatting one day about how I managed to sprain my tailbone while giving birth to my daughter. Two and a half years later, I still can’t sit comfortably and getting up from a seated position is even harder than it was when I was full-term, carrying 60+ pounds of pregnancy weight. Lauren got a little laugh from hearing about the pain in my butt, and then suggested using yoga to strengthen the supporting muscles, lessening the burden of my bum.

And that’s how it all began. The start of our shared vision. A monthly column, dedicated to spreading the healing benefits of yoga, to busy women and mothers. An outlet to encourage daily yoga practice, an honest space for silly yoga questions to be addressed.

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What if we had original pictures? What if we had a different topic every month? How about we develop a library of poses and simple sequences? How about we encourage people to write in with questions about yoga?

With the help of another talented girlfriend of ours, Colette Gabriel, we staged our first yoga photo shoot on a crisp November day in Lincoln Park in Chicago. An incredibly inspirational day, I am excited to piece together the pics and poses to share with you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please visit soon for the official unveiling of our upcoming monthly yoga series. Please write in with any questions you have about practicing yoga and we would love to address every question that comes our way.