Essential Elements for Staying Fit on a Budget

I don’t spend tons of cash on a fancy gym membership and shiny work-out equipment doesn’t fill my front room.  But, still, I make exercise a priority. Why? Because it is the best method of prevention from physical and emotional illness. How? With these essential elements for staying fit on a budget.


A walk to the local library ranks number one in my essential elements for staying fit on a budget. Nothing beats free resources at the fingertips, and most libraries bear a board with community happenings, like listings of free exercise classes. Try looking for the latest in healthy living, and you may find information imperative to your health.

When I feel a rut in my routine or stuck in a sedentary slump, I walk or bike to the local library to ignite my interests. From researching recipes to exploring exercises, I usually leave the library inspired to try something new. Borrowing about a dozen materials with each visit, I check out cookbooks to stay creative in the kitchen, yoga magazines for motivation on the mat, and books on meditation to maintain my mantra. The visual cues keep the connection to my wellness goals alive, while the act of physically thumbing through printed paper saves me from distracting screen-time, strengthening the mindfulness and intention it takes to invest in wellness.

Must-Have Materials

file0001748142009My must-have materials for a motivated home gym include a handful of items, taking up just a couple of square feet. Its amazing how reliance on a yoga mat, a couple of 5lb weights, a resistance band, and a jump rope have shed 60+ pounds of post-baby weight from my frame. Figure out what fitness necessities will keep you on track- perhaps a pair of rollerblades or a simple street bike is all you really need. Read on to find frugal ways to afford your must-have fitness materials.

Thrifty Shopping

We can all thank Macklemore for making thrift store shopping cool again. While the general public at resale shops may not be glamorous, scoring a sweet stand-up cycle or set of free weights for a couple of bucks surely is. Why spend gobs of cash on shiny new equipment when you can find basic exercise necessities at thrift shops, garage sales, and dollar stores? It may take some time to hunt through racks of second-hand stuff, but scavenging will usually be worth the while if you are trying to stay fit on a budget.

clean spaceClean Space

A body-length circumference of clean space is really all the room needed to stay fit. Clean out an area for aerobics, make a yoga mecca, or sweep out some space for strength training, because when you work out at home, your gym is always open. Besides having a clean space to exercise, a generally tidy environment may reduce overall stress levels by minimizing the ever-so-endless to-do list. The body has a better chance of regulating the production of hormones with stress levels kept in check. When hormones flow in balance, its easier to achieve a healthy weight and slumber in sound sleep patterns. In addition, a clean environment cuts back on indoor allergy triggers like dust and dander. When its easier to breathe, so is everything else you do, like, working out. So, if you are trying to stay fit on a budget, keep your space nice and clean.

Fit Friends

girls on canoeFrom influencing our habits to validating our feelings, friends impact our lives more than we think. In order to stay fit on a budget, stack your social circle with friends who define fitness as a priority.  That way, when you resort to your usual Friday night food frenzy or skip the gym on Saturday, your friends will boost you back onto the wagon toward wellness. Fit friends swap healthy recipes and share their secrets on how to squeeze in a successful sweat session.  Besides, it is great to hear, “You go girl!” when working toward your fitness goals.


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