Jumping Rope Rocks For Your Body, Mind & Family

jump rope

Physical Health

Burn through calories like you never ate or drank them. Maintain a healthy body weight. Look good in your favorite jeans. Sure, these are all reasons that jumping rope rocks your body.  However, hidden benefits make skipping rope worth every sweaty sacrifice. Jumping rope positively affects more than just the outward appearance. Let’s take a look at how jumping rope benefits the inner workings of our bodies.

  • Collaborative movements of muscles, tendons, and ligaments keeps your coordination on track.
  • The quick bursts of energy may stimulate bone health.
  • Trying different styles of jumping rope sparks synapses in the brain, strengthening the way the brain functions.

Mental Health

Believe it or not, you may be able to find your inner peace while jumping rope. Of course, the first few sessions might feel like torture, but eventually, while jumping rope, connect breath to movement, as practiced in yoga or meditation, and the feeling of stress may subside. Counting inhales and exhales in sync while jumping can clear the mind, brining concentration on how the mind and body work together. Having a visual focus may let the mind wander as the physical exertion increases the body’s feel good hormones. Often, deep emotions surface when people find their “zone” during a good sweat session. Regularly practiced, jumping rope for exercise may even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Healthy Families

Jumping rope can bring the whole family together. So many people drop their kids off at the daycare at their gym while they go sweat it out on a treadmill facing a TV. Why spend the time away from your tot when you have the perfect opportunity to model a healthy coping skill. A young learner might not have the motor skills to jump rope just like mom or dad, but they can join in the family fun just by holding the rope in their hand as they skip around. They will also get a kick out of counting numbers or saying the alphabet as you skip along.  As kids get older, make jumping rope a family affair by trying out partner styles or double dutch.


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