Gardening to Grow a Green Family

In the midst of a rainstorm, my brilliant husband’s brain sparked like lightning. “Planter boxes! I’ll build planter boxes,” he concluded.

It was April, 2012, and we were first-time homeowners, a few months in, on a mission to fence in our yard.  Building was a new venture for Adam, one that I trusted in his instincts without doubt. He had been a virtual builder for years, developing complex websites and such, so I knew his math skills and eye for design would play out well. Only one problem existed. We couldn’t dig on the driveway side. Freaking buried power lines.

That’s how the planter boxes came about.


Our first summer, we attempted vegetables. It was a fun family activity. Our, then 1 year old, sweet girl started to show an interest in plants- touching their leaves (which easily introduced the word gentle), noticing their growth, and tasting their produce. Instead of turning on the TV, to beat the heat on hot summer afternoons, we spent the days spreading skills in science, math, social, and emotional development to our growing girl. Visits to the local farms and greenhouses to select our seedlings intrigued our babe, as the colors, scents, and textures stimulated her senses. We fed her green vocabulary and phrases like, “fresh vegetables” and “water the plants”. She learned to care for her belongings and others.  But of course, as excited as I was to test my green-thumb, I over-planted the boxes. A squirrel attacked our zucchini and our harvest was less than thrilling.

20131010-152454.jpgThis spring, we decided on an array of flowers, spirally grass, and naturally bug-fighting citronella plants. Our families must be catching on, as our girl was gifted a Hello Kitty watering can, to help out with the garden. It’s been fun all summer to see her gain gross motor skills with water splashing out of the can, all over her tummy and toes. She’s getting to understand, though, how to hold her can level, which pays off for our thirsty plants.

Just this week, the two of us spruced up the scape for the season change, with flowering purple kale, bright yellow mums, and of course, plenty of pumpkins.  So, thank you, to my husband for inspiring green living that will certainly grow with our family.