Write to Release

Nice morning. Crisp, but the day should break a nice 70 degrees. Cool enough to switch to hot coffee, though. Hard to let go of a sun-goddess summer, I barely believe it’s mid-September. I’m only lying to myself that yoga in the sun will never end.

I feel good, even though I didn’t sleep well. My body was super sore from the added jumping rope to my already energetic work-out routine. I exercise often and push myself hard, to manage the everyday levels of energy and anxiety pulsing through my blood and brain. As I age, I pay attention to how I can naturally take care of my body and mind, and work with my circadian rhythm.

Refreshed to wake in a quiet house with sleeping babes, I decided to make the most of my morning, sit, and write for my professional blog work. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my pre-write. An exercise to get my creative thoughts flowing and to spark synapses in my brain.

As I sit to pre-write, a thought about writing/social media/and outlets for anxiety entered my mind. People spend so much time and energy writing posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other media sites, to me, it proves a point.  That writing makes you feel better. People feel better after they write their opinions, thoughts, feelings, day’s details, and notes to others, so why not do it for the whole world to see?

My advice, people, write for yourself first. Open a file on your favorite MAC product, and just write for your own eyes.  Don’t start it in an email;  impulse risks sending without developed details or getting down to the point. Forget the Facebook post. Turn off your Twitter. Just write. Sort through your views and  opinions, tell yourself a tale, connect with your emotions, and write to release.

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